Frequently asked questions


What piano is good for a beginner AND WHY?

KAWAI ND21. Loewne Piano House special offer of NEW KAWAI ND21.  They are affordable and there is no reasons to spend tons of time to look for used piano anymore!

Piano contains over 12,000 individual parts, beginner are always recommend to buy a good quality new piano as it provide a more balance touch of each note!

- New KAWAI ND21 is full size 48" height Piano, it gives a longer String and bigger soundboard among other competitors, it provides better dynamics

-New KAWAI ND21 also standard with Solid Spruce Soundboard, which usually available in more expensive grand piano.

-Leowen Piano House and KAWAI provide 10 years transferable warranty, it gives user peace of mind and almost zero maintenance cost in 10 years.



What piano is good for INTERMEDIATE PLAYER AND WHY?

- The New KAWAI K300/ K400 is am award winning model that is made in Japan. It is a great choice for intermediate players.

-New KAWAI Carbon fiber action not just famous with its durability , but also provide fastest responsive action in it’s class

-New K300/K400 also come with extended wood key to provide a more sensitive touch. It is a great piano to play in performance

- The Premium Mahogany wood and Top quality hammer feel, provides the classical Darker tone of music compared to others.

What piano is good for aDVANCED PLAYER AND WHY?

- The NEW KAWAI GL series are built for advances level player with the most affordable value in the market

- The New KAWAI GL series is not just bigger than it's previous edition RX series, but also more affordable in price

 - It has all the standard features of Top Quality Carbon fiber action with extended key

 - Leowen Piano House also offer up to 36 months 0% financing for all the GL series Grand piano. Starting as low as $155/ month