loewen piano house rent-to-own program

Over 50 years ago, our founder, William Loewen, found that many families would buy cheap & low quality digital pianos or “toy pianos” from department and electronic stores. These pianos do not have the touch, sound, and feel that to allow students to reach their full potential and were simply not enjoyable to practice or learn on. Mr. Loewen set out to make quality pianos more affordable and started the Loewen Piano House Rent-To-Own Program, a very innovative program at the time. Simply put, customers may rent a quality piano and if they want to choose to buy a piano, they may use the rental payments of the first year towards your purchase.

This program is always the best way to start if you or your child is brand new to piano. For less than $1.50 a day, students can start practicing at home on a quality piano. If you find out that piano is not for them, no worries, simply return it. If they fall in love with piano, then every rental payment of the first year will count towards a down payment on your piano.

Pricing: starts at $39 a month.

“This is an excellent program. We rent for $39 a month and it allows my children to enjoy a good quality acoustic piano at home. The first 12 month rental credit can go toward the purchase of my new piano too. It is so awesome.”
Judy Kwan

“I can make sure my kids would continue with the piano lesson and show the love and passion for it before I made the commitment to purchase one. Loewen Piano House's rental program is an excellent program for many families like us before making a huge investment.”
Sarah Tudor

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